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Financial Support

for  Sports/ Athletics

Financial Support

for Studies/ Academic

Corporate social responsibility comes in various form and our company is keen to provide scholarship to high achievers from families with financial difficulties. We are delighted to cultivate the young generation with mentorship guidance and exposure to the workforce environment.   With our experiences, we are passionate to cultivate the young generation, giving them guidance and hands on experience in entrepreneurship. In the future, VVSB is allocating more funds into cultivating teenagers who are hardworking and dedicated but require financial support and working opportunity. Preferred Discipline: • Accounting & Business • Economics • Finance & Business Management • Marketing

Corporate & Social Responsibility

Our Philosophy

& Culture

The bare minimum we should strive to do is to support our young generations to grow and create opportunities in a sustainable way. We believe in good of the people and that good deeds shall be given to those who are capable and deserving, with the hopes that such good deeds shall be passed onto others.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an act that represents a business’s stance, and in lieu of making profit, it is the responsibility of every company to contribute back to the society in any way that has a positive impact. 


As a young corporate entity, providing support to those who are only beginning to start their way to success is a mission and goal that we have set for ourselves. In VVSB, we are passionate to nurture the young generation by providing guidance and sponsorships to pursue their dreams. As such we believe that the kindness, we have given to them will have endless ripples in the current and future generation. 

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